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Co-operation with WS System AB Since March 2016 we have started to walk along a common path together with WS System AB. The WS System AB was founded by the former engineers Mattias Kjellberg and Tomas Petersson after the dissolution of a well-known Swedish manufacturer. It is their target to render continued technical support to saw mills and planing mills. Apart from that they offer modifications and optimization of existing machines. WS System AB has also designed a new band saw two of which will be put in operation in 2016. A new moulding planing machine is currently under construction and will be presented shortly. We are very much looking forward to a good co-operation. March 2016
Successful start of the new band saw SPLIT 130 The first band saw of our partner WS System AB has been put in operation successfully at our customer Holzwerke Ladenburger. The second band saw, also type SPLIT 130, will also be delivered to the Holzwerke Ladenburger shortly. Apart from that we have also been able to sell two further band saws to our customers. One SPLIT 60 single will be shipped to the Holzwerk Kittl, another SPLIT 60 will be mounted at the Bremer Holzwerke in December. April 2016