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Grindingmachine for cutter heads ”Kosmos 430” Tool length max 430 mm. Tool diameter min/max 120-425 mm. X-axis with servo motor, PLC-controlled. Y-axis with servo motor, PLC-controlled. B-axis with servo motor, PLC-controlled. Z-axis with servo motor, PLC-controlled. Frequency controlled grinding wheel from 0-6 000 rpm. Fast homing of the X-axis without grinding with the Y-axis. Automatic optimized grinding process. 45° slanted grinding head for best eye sight of the grinding process and for keeping the grinding motor clean. Grinding arbour D=…………mm. Max. tool weight on the tool rest: 400kg. Guide plate tipped with Stellite and cooling pipe. The height of the machine to the center of the arbour is 800 mm. Fully covered. Weight of the machine, 1 200 kg. Electric components: OP-screen from Omron. PLC-control from Omron. Servo motors from Omron Machine lamp. AC-connection 400V / 50Hz. Accessories: Cooling unit with separation outside the machine, 60 litres, 0,5 bar. Integrated cleaning pistol for machine and tools Options: Extra grinding arbour D=…………mm. Grinding wheel with dimension as above.
Kosmos 430 Grinding machine