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Used machines
Yates A- 95/8 with Infeeder / Bridge Solid high-speed planing separating machine Feed speed 120 - 450 m/min The sturdy machine design with the heavy machine column, the stable working spindles and the uncompromising continuous feed system guarantees highest output and operational safety. working height 13 - 150 mm working width ca. 65 - 330 mm Workpiece length: min. 1800 mm operating voltage: 400 Volt, 50Hz machine combination Feed unit 3x 75HP 1. upper shaft 125 HP 1. lower shaft 75 HP 1. r.h.s. shaft 75 HP 1. l.h.s. sha 75 HP 2. r.h.s. shaft 75 HP 2. l.h.s. shaft 75 HP 2. upper shaft 75 HP 2. lower shaft 75 HP Technical equipment: Spindle diameter : horizontal shafts 120 mm vertical shafts 80 mm Machine column in rigid steel construction jointing devices on all horizontal shafts Electrical height positioning of the upper working shafts Electrical width positioning of the left working shafts Electrical height positioning of the feed units Chip breaker with pneumatic pressure Chip breaker of the vertical shafts and pressing down with pneumatic pressure Hydraulic front bedding of the horizontal shafts Quick-locking system for fast removal of the l.h.s. vertical cover Permanent oil lubrication of the horizontal spindle beddings via oil injection pump Chromed table plates and guides Water cooling of the ruler with cooling unit SIKO display devices for adjustments Tools 2 sets planing heads, Z= 24 Infeeder and “Bridge” Typ: F31H-41 Infeeder 6 m length Bridge with 4,88 m length Measures and weights: Machine length:    according to layout Machine weights: Planer 36300 kg Hydraulic unit   5000 kg Infeeder 2800 kg Bridge 2500 kg Further information on request